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Through Our lens


Through Our Lens Home
Leslie Elsasser - Introduction
Selina Roman - Looking Inward, Seeing Clearer
Christian Cortes

Beginning (Section A)
Jarrett Gafford - US Air Force
Dawn S. Hargrett - US Navy
Rebekka Huneke - Daughter of US Air Force Veteran Father
Ramonita Rosa - US Army
Kimberlee Nicole Smith - US Army
Monika Sutton - Wife of US Army Veteran
Karl Young II - US Army Colonel (US Special Operations Command)

Advanced (Section B)
James Alexander - US Air Force
Manfredo Bobadilla - US Army
Wildalys Class - US Air Force
Agustin Collazo Jr. - US Marine Corps / US Navy
Amanda Dodd - US Army
Evan Fountain - US Air Force
Mikko Maki - US Marine Corps
Alicia Morales - US Army
RaeAnne Swanson - US Air Force


Amanda Dodd, Blind Comfort, 2022

Amanda Dodd, Blind Comfort, 2022


Blind Comfort

The filly: scared, insecure, and showing all the intentions of rearing back stubbornly in response to the unknown.

Then, as if she has sensed the heightened tension, mama (a trusted friend) steps in with her experience, she steps in with her compassion and provides comfort and guidance in a time of uncertainty. 

Sometimes we are the scared and the resistant of the unknown,

And sometimes we are empathetic teachers.



Amanda Dodd, A Breeder of a Certain Age, 2022

Amanda Dodd, A Breeder of a Certain Age, 2022

Amanda Dodd, Untitled, 2022

Amanda Dodd, Untitled, 2022



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Breaking Barriers is a project by USFCAM in collaboration with the USF School of Art and Art History, with Support from the USF Office of Veterans Success, Community Arts Impact Grant Program of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Love IV Lawrence 2020 Waves of Change Grant, and additional support from the ACE Arts for Community Engagement Fund and the Florida Department of State.