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Naked Tango

Photogravure and screenprint on paper collé
57 3/4” x 47 3/8”
Edition: 20

No Longer Available


Devotional benches, confessional booths, mercy seats and altars

Fundraising tables

Gambling tables

Workout machines No Longer Available

Peep show and video booths

Work stations No Longer Available


The Neufert Suite (above)
Suite of six cyanotypes
46 1/2” x 46 1/2”
Edition: 9

Individual prints: $4,000.
Suite of six prints: $20,000. Suite No Longer Available

L'Encyclopedie (Marble flooring plan and ceiling plan
of a Salon in the Palace of the Marquis de Spinola)

(GS # 1352-A and 1352-B)
Diptych: each 51 1/2'' x 40''
Edition: XLV; 20

Sold only as diptych $6,000.